At Renew Maids, we are very sensitive, and we are always trying to understand our client’s side. Life is busy and we are completely devoted to find a way to make our clients really happy. Our goal is our client’s wellness. Our company has what we consider a different and, very solid foundation.

Our expertise is completely based on a deep experience and long journey into the cleaning services industry. Madalena started her career as a helper in 1997. Since that time, Madalena decided to understand everything about the industry, but just to learn was not enough and Madalena started to think about a lot of points that could and should be improved.

In 2005, Madalena got her first group of clients and using the unique techniques associated to a different perspective of how to do business and also how to perform to projects in the state of the art, she established her name, making people know her not as a housekeeper, but as a honest solution. Renew Maids is a realization of a dream. We are not talking about a company; we are talking about a legacy.

The company’s goal is to be a legacy in terms of honesty, innovation, satisfaction, and respect for external and internal clients. Renew Maids is not bringing to the clients only cleaning services, we are bringing a new concept of services, a new vision, a new way to interact with the clients. The company is bringing a new perspective for the industry.



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Why you will choose
Renew Maids?

Our company built a very respectful name in DC Metro Area (Maryland, Virginia and DC).
Renew Maids is delivering more than just a cleaning service. The company is working hard to give to the clients an unforgettable experience.

We are not selling services, we are developing relationships.